Ruth has an easy style in the teaching watercolor.  Her love of watercolor painting is infectious and inspiring!  I especially liked that she emphasized there was no wrong or right way to paint, only your way!

Carol King

On The Road (farmers market)
Mon, Oct 05
Online workshop (live)
Oct 05, 4:00 PM PDT
Online workshop (live)
An artistic sensory overload!
On The Road (Carmel-by-the-Sea)
Time is TBD
Online Event
Time is TBD
Online Event
Come stroll along the famous Scenic Bluff Path and paint its stunning coastal scenes.



Are you someone who loves the concept of Art Journaling? …  selecting a beautiful journal and nifty set of travel paints and taking off to lovely locations to paint on site? However, once you get there, do you sometimes feel challenged with where to even start? And how do you “layout” the images with room for a title and description? If these questions resonate a bit, then this is the series for you! In each hour-long excursion to a fun and unique place, I’ll be teaching and demonstrating: Starting principles, color theory, interesting page layouts and lettering to add the finishing touches. Whether you’re a seasoned art journaler or a beginner, there are always some valuable new tips to try and always new sites to explore. So grab your journal and paints and “join me” as I hit the road.

COST: $30


Flowers bring us such joy, don’t they?  Ralph Waldo Emerson famously penned, “Earth laughs in flowers.” Do you find yourself wanting to paint them for that very reason?  In this workshop series (each is a stand alone class), I’ll be taking a different flower each session and demonstrating how best you can capture its essence in expressive colors and strokes. The goal is to let these flowers “breathe” on paper – not by super realism (use your camera for that), but by learning how to capture basic form with minimal strokes, lost  edges, and bright fresh colors. I admit, it’s a challenge not to overwork or “over-describe,” but SUCH a fun challenge. The rewards are beautiful flowers with your own personal touch that stay forever. Use your favorite paints and brushes to follow along with me.

COST: $30


Living here on the California coast, one of the more iconic sights of our area is the Santa Cruz Light Hourse on West Cliff Drive. It's here that we will be heading for our second workshop in the "On The Road" series. While the lighthouse is often surrrounded by fog or high coastal clouds, we're going to paint our scene on a sunny late afternoon, taking advantage of the interesting cast of shadows and golden light unique to that time of day. In order to get in the mood, you might want to grab an extra scarf for your neck (that coastal breeze can be bracing) and some binoculars in case some whales spout off on the horizon. Mainly though, grab your travel paints and let's hit the road together (virtually) ... to the lighthouse.

COST: $30

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