The Whimsical Pointed Pen
Oct 26, 2020, 4:00 PM PDT – Nov 11, 2020, 4:00 PM PST
Online course (live)

Ruth has an easy style in the teaching watercolor.  Her love of watercolor painting is infectious and inspiring!  I especially liked that she emphasized there was no wrong or right way to paint, only your way!

Carol King



Learn the script of the Renaissance

Learning the Italic alphabet is a great way to bring beauty to your handwriting. Italic is a style of calligraphy (beautiful writing) that comes right out of the pages of the Renaissance history. Written with a broad-edge nib, this elegant script has been called “the dance of the pen” because of its beautiful arching letter forms. In this course we will go through the Italic alphabet letter-by-letter, study form and correct strokes. As you learn each letter, you will also discover some amazing “letter stories” of their origin. This course makes learning calligraphy fun and accessible by providing detailed instruction and demonstrations, along with practical exercises to increase your confidence. Anyone can learn the joy of creating beautiful letter forms. So come join us as we develop this wonderful skill together.

COST: $90


adding an artistic flare to your letter forms

Calligraphy is beautiful on its own. But if you want to have some fun classing it up even more, this class is perfect for you. The one hour class will feature a wealth of information on how to take your calligraphed letters to another level of beauty. And in case you’re wondering –  No, you don’t have to be an “artist” to add a lovely green vine swishing up the side of your letters or to add some engaging texture to the letter itself. During this hour I’ll let you in on the steps of how it’s done. In addition, I will be telling you about my favorite tools for simple illumination and providing downloadable templates for you to trace/copy.


COST: $30


discovering the art of lettering

Have you ever wanted to letter out your own invitations to a party or address a envelope for a special occasion? Here’s your chance to learn how. Pointed pen calligraphy is a beautiful style of lettering in which the pen produces lines of varying widths depending on the pressure applied to it. It’s one of the most common techniques used in calligraphy. In this course, Ruth will guide you through very practical steps and provide helpful exercises to help you develop your skills. This is a fun course for those who love making beautiful letter forms.

* This course will be offered again in Fall 2020

COST: $90

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