During this season of quarantine and social distancing, we have all felt the need to have some kind of relational connection with others—a community. In the best scenario, we hope to connect with others who share a common experience and have similar interests. We are relational beings and in community we can encourage each other and help to bring out the best of who we are. It is with these thoughts in mind that we are planning to launch our “Studio” community, comprised of people like you who love painting (especially watercolor), calligraphy and art journaling. 


We envision the Studio Community as an opportunity to:

  • Meet other artists & make new friends

  • Gain encouragement & inspiration from other artists

  • Find help in pursuing your personal goals as an artist

  • Develop new skills and perfect what you already hav​e

  • Hear interviews from accomplished artists & calligraphers

  • Participate in themed art shows 


We envision offering special benefits to participants like:

  • Get 50% off workshops, classes and courses

  • Exclusive access to the member forum

  • Weekly insider video tutorials


Perhaps one of the greatest benefits is that most of us are more likely to follow through on our personal projects and complete the courses we have started when we are part of a community like "The Studio."​




Please take a moment to let us know your thoughts. We want this to be something that is of value to artists and calligraphers like you. We value your comments and suggests as we design this community.


  • What would make such a community attractive to you?

  • What would make you want to become part of such a community?

  • Which of the features and benefits above are most appealing to you?

  • What would you add to the list?

  • If you have participated in such a community in the past, what was your experience? 


Thanks for submitting!

There are no plans available.