I have always relished my role as a visual artist. My medium and style are always changing, and I find this keeps my expressions from becoming too formulated or predictable.I love watercolor for the fresh and light-filled quality it offers. There is a spontaneity and serendipity effect I can only get with this medium. Acrylics, on the other hand, are where I go when I’m searching for rich colors and expressive texture. With oils I have the luxury of finding and losing edges until I have it just the way I want it. With all the amazing variety and fast drying qualities that acrylics offer, I can more easily incorporate text on to my canvases. Lastly, with ink I can express with one of my passions – calligraphy or “beautiful writing.”Truth, beauty and gratefulness are where I like to focus, hopefully leaving viewers more buoyant and hopeful on this journey through life.   Ruth Korch