I went with friends up to San Francisco to visit the Zorn exhibit (again) at the Legion of Honor.  Zorn, titled as Sweden’s master painter, painted amazing watercolors and oils in the impressionistic style.  The cafe there always puts together a special entree in honor of the featured artist.  “Zorn’s Salad” was one healthy meal, as you can see by the waay extensive list of healthy “stuff” in it . After lunch in the courtyard,  I took my journal along and with my young friend Jacqueline, we planted ourselves in front of paintings that we liked and sketched away.  It’s always a bit of a challenge to sketch “on the spot” – especially when you’re just standing there with lots of visitors passing to and fro around you.  But it’s also fun to discover another artistic soul attracted to the same painting and  doing the same thing.  It happened to me with both of the pieces above.  Even though we didn’t know one another, there was a camaraderie as we stood, sketched, and painted together.  I loved the small self-portrait etching, with it’s dark values and face peering out.  Emma was the artist’s wife and posed for many of his works.  This doesn’t do his original any justice by any stretch, but I still enjoyed trying to capture a bit of her demeanor as she read the morning paper.  It was his first oil as he transitioned from watercolors to oils (seemingly effortlessly).  Such an inspiring exhibit!

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