If someone asks I will always say that Fall is my favorite time of year, but right around THIS time of year I start to waver.  I love how the yard just seems to magically come to life.  Plants that we haven’t watered or even looked at are starting to bloom and show off.  The crabapple trees are raining down blossoms when the breeze picks up.  What looked dead is now starting to burst with life.  When I found this poem by Christina Rossetti, I love how she captured those thoughts.  And I’m ALWAYS for finding ways to make the real meaning of Easter come to the forefront.  You can purchase an 8 x 10″ print of this art piece.  It’s listed in my ETSY store:  RKselect (Only $25, shipping included).  Buy an inexpensive frame, pop in the print and display some Easter in your home.  Happy Easter everyone.

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