I’m Addicted…

…to the colors of fall.  I can’t seem to get enough of the fall leaves this year.  I just returned from the beautiful Northwest  where I enjoyed a delicious visit with our daughter and family.  Much of the leaves were already off the trees, but not all, and the ones that had fallen were still absolutely brilliant on the sidewalks and lawns.  This one leaf, pictured here on top, was picked up by our daughter on one of the many treks back and forth walking the boys to school.  We’d pick up the leaves and bring them back for the dining room table.  But the beauty was fleeting.  By the next day they were already fading and curling.  I feel rather smug that even though this leaf is long gone by now, I still captured it in my journal.  It’s one of the many things I absolutely LOVE about art journaling.  You can hold on to moments of beauty a little bit longer.  Anybody out there want to come to my art journaling class starting up in January?  I’d love to share the joy and help you start.  Let me know…

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