Inside An Artist’s Head…


Hmmm, I think I’ll paint this beautiful sunflower I just brought home from the farmer’s market….

(Negative Artist Voice, speaking quite clearly inside my head):  “What?  You’re kidding, right? Every artist in the whole wide world has already painted everything there is to say about a sunflower.  It would be quite trite for you to do so!”  

Wellllll, I don’t know, it still seems to be calling to me.  It’s just so, so beautiful and bright.

“Hah!  You want to be original and unique, correct?  Well, you’re not going to pull it off painting a sunflower like you’re thinking of painting.  Who do you think you are?  Give it up sister!”

Nope, I’m gonna do it.  I just realized that even though there are a gazillion pictures of sunflowers out there,  no one has EVER painted this particular sunflower!  It’s mine to appreciate and capture and enjoy.

So, those truly were pieces of the goofy conversation inside my head.  But, as you observed, I weathered the self sabotage and ended up creating another image for the calendar I’m creating.  In one of my favorite daybooks “Simple Abundance,”  author Sarah Breathnach writes about the difference between competing and creating:  “Nobody can duplicate your work because there’s no one in the world like you…Your work is born of your sensibilities, temperament, experience, emotion, passion, perseverance, attention to detail, idiosyncrasies, and eccentricities.  When you’re authentic, so is your art.”

Thanks Sarah.  I needed that.

Maybe you do too.  I wish you happy authentic creating!!

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