Joey’s Find

We were visiting our Grandsons’ school just recently and Joey found this beautiful dried tassel flower that had blown up onto the walkway.  There’s something about dried (and dead!) flowers that fascinate me.  Sometimes I think they are more interesting at this stage than at full bloom.  We all agreed that this one looked like a head of hair and just needed an interesting face to go with it (next posting :>))  At first I tried copying all those little stems just as I saw them and that was not fun I decided.  After I had the basic shape down, I used the design to add my own stems in my own design.  That WAS fun!  All those layers remind me of pick-up-sticks.  I love the texture and colors of the the finished piece.

“Our lives…are but a little while, so let them run as sweetly as you can, and give no thought to grief from day to day.  For time is not concerned to keep our hopes, but hurries on its business, and is gone.”     – Euripedes

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