La Bahia


It’s such an exotic sounding name, isn’t it?  And when you see just the top of this old apartment bulding in Santa Cruz, across from the Boardwalk, it really looks kind of classy too.  However,  in real life, it’s  pretty sad and sorry – a run down apartment complex, just waiting for someone to come along and save it.  Even though the walls are chipped and cracked with the whole building in an obvious state of decline,  I still loved the lines and the contrast it created against the August summer sky.

If you enjoy buildings and architecture, you might want to consider coming to my INTERMEDIATE JOURNALING WORKSHOP next Monday night.  It’s “intermediate” because this workshop calls for some experience with watercolor – not much, just a little.  Next Monday night we’ll be focusing on buildings and the different ways we can portray them in our journals. It’s like a mini art lesson and should be a lot of fun.  There are a few places left, so let me know if you’re interested.  Check out all the details at my website under the “classes” tab .

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