Mimicking Matisse


I’ve been enjoying playing around and mimicking the style of French artist Henri Matisse.  He has a great style to emulate.  For instance, in this picture I grabbed one of my own tea cups and saucers.  Instead of carefully sketching in a saucer with correct elliptical perspective, I just slapped in a happy lopsided circle shape and put the cup sitting right there on top.  I did the same with the table top.   It’s only “kinda” roundish.   Ahhh, that Matisse – He really knew how to free things up.  Then, in true Matisse spirit, I had fun putting in color and pattern.

For our next Art Spa on August 10th I’m going to be asking participants to bring some of their own patterns from home to incorporate into their still life paintings.  It could be a dish pattern, a favorite scarf or maybe a pillow.  That way we can customize our paintings with the designs and patterns we uniquely love.  It’s going to be one colorful happy day.  Oh, and if you’ve never been before, there’s still some room.  Let me know.  I’d LOVE to have you join!

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