Not in a Bowl!


We had the obligatory pet goldfish for our kids growing up, but I never liked it.  And I really really disliked cleaning the bowls and taking out the flopping fish.  Ugh!  BUT, I must say I LOVE how Matisse painted goldfish into some of his paintings.  They just look so happy and bright.  Goldfish:  Great in paintings, but just NOT in a bowl.  I’ll take a dog 1000 times over!

Here’s a rendition of one of Matisse’s paintings that we’ll be using for our Matisse- styled Art Spa next month on Saturday, August 10th.  If you’ve never been to one before, or never painted for that matter, this would be a great one to attend.  Matisse loved patterns and color and wasn’t all that concerned about visual accuracy.  You can paint on your own, or let me help you step by step with a Matisse inspired piece of happiness.  

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