She Cried…

“She cried when I gave it to her.” I was talking with a past participant of Art Spa and she was sharing the response she witnessed when she gave one of her Art Spa creations as a gift.  On the same note, I was talking with someone just yesterday who is going through probably the worst time of her life.  She mentioned receiving a beautiful card in the mail from someone she nominally knew, but how VERY MUCH that card meant to her – how she has kept returning to it in her mind.  Beauty has such an ability to lift us up.  It certainly doesn’t take away life’s pains, but it surely eases them.  I say all this because next month’s ART SPA – “A Work of HeART” is a perfect opportunity to create some beauty to share.  And I would just venture to guess that there are a few people in your life who would greatly benefit from being reminded that they are loved.  Not only will we be creating a framed piece (gift worthy), but also a set of beautiful notecards as well – all with the heart theme, and all with “right-by-your-side-instruction” (if you want it, that is!)  Please consider joining us.  It’s a fantastic day of good friends, creating and excellent food, but in this case it’s also an opportunity to create some beauty to SHARE.        ART SPA  – FEB 8th – 9:30-4:00pm – $195

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