This past year I joined Doodlewash – a loose and happy organization of those who love to watercolor.  It was started by Charlie O-Shields of Kansas City, an art blogger who got lonely posting things by himself. So he created Doodlewash.   And better yet, he set about getting July officially designated as World Watercolor Month.  He succeeded and this is the second year in its existence.  As part of the celebration, there is a challenge to post a watercolor each day this month and include a hashtag designating it as part of the challenge.  People from all over the world submit and it’s really fun to see the variety.  There are all skill levels and styles making it a very inclusive and fun group.  Each day there is a prompt that you can use or ignore.  I ended up taking the challenge and even though they haven’t all been posted here, I  intend to do so for the rest of the month.Today’s prompt is “Summer Skies”.  For those of us who live in Santa Cruz, our wonderful cooling fog is very much part of the summer landscape .  Here is the lighthouse by our boat harbor.

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