Just yesterday I joined up again with the sketching group in town for their weekly sketch-up.  One of the things I’m realizing about this commitment is that you discover all sorts of new places about town.  Or, if you knew it was there, you see it with new eyes of observation.  Yesterday it was at a local park that contains an old cemetery.  As soon as I saw the arched metal lettering I KNEW that was where I wanted to paint.  Arches? – Yes!!  Letters? – Yes Again!!  It was so peaceful sitting under the old oaks, and capturing that view looking out from the inside among the tombstones.  The mid-day shadows were filled with all kinds of soft color.  The tombstones had incredible texture and designs.  It also put me in a very reflective mood, which cemeteries probably do for most of you as well.  You wonder about all the names, and stories of lives lived.  It also reminded me of one of my Mom’s favorite quotes from Soren Kierkegaard:  “You have to live your life forward, but can only understand it backwards.”   Just think about all the collective wisdom represented there in that graveyard – if it could have been known.  Like I said, sitting there painting put me in a reflective mood :>|.

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