Several weekends ago I went on a road trip with a dear friend to southern ca.  She shared some tickets she had inherited to the Pageant of the Masters.  This amazing pageant began 80 years ago and involves staging master works of art with living models.  It’s hard to explain, but incredible to see.  Every summer thousands buy tickets, and flock to a huge outdoor venue in Laguna Beach.  Here are a few pages from my journal on the sights and and tastes of Laguna.  The couple on the left were having their breakfast when we stopped in for coffee.  They looked like the iconic Laguna couple, and so, being just a few tables over, I started considering whether or not I could quietly sketch them without their noticing.  It’s rather hard to do and frankly, I find that I often lose my courage.  This time I decided to go for it.  Sure enough, after a while, it was pretty obvious to the guy, as he was facing me, that I was sketching them.  After I had more or less finished (!), I walked over and shared it with them.  They were so touched and took pictures.  Turns out that they were from Australia and we ended up having a fun conversation together.  I love how art can bring people together and it strengthened my resolve to sketch people more often.

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