I loved all the contrast this picture provides.  I love the face of this woman with all its  dark, wonderful character contrasted with the bright colors of her sari.  I love her white hair contrasted against the beautiful browns of her skin.  And on a deeper level I love the contrast of where she lives (India) in contrast to where I live here in CA on the other side of the world.  She has 3 adult children just like I do, and yet even though we have that in common we are very different and I wanted her picture in my journal to remind me of that difference.  She has been living in an exposed hut for 20 years.  Recently she was the recipient of a two room concrete home provided by a wonderful organization called Hands on Houses.  Her gratitude knew no bounds.  She kept kissing the hands of those who built the house for her.  Ah yes – there’s the contrast. Gratitude contrasted with always wanting “more”.  Better this, better that, a more up to date kitchen, new furniture.  It can creep up on me and squeeze out all the gratitude.  Thank you Rani for your sweet reminder.  (To learn more about hands on houses:

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