Yup – It was a Christmas for dolls.  We got to give our first granddaughter her first doll (so so fun) and on the other end of the specter I received a doll as well!  My very artistic and creative husband presented me with this wooden jointed doll.  She has an “aged patina” (to match me??), and I absolutely love her quiet and rather composed appearance.  I don’t think I’d have the heart to actually name a child “Cassiopeia”, but I’ve always loved the sound of the word and found the perfect chance to use it.  Cassiopeia now sits on our mantle, quietly surveying her surroundings with a strand of small twinkly lights thrown round about her for good measure – after all, she’s named for a constellation.  The five stars in the sky somehow show “Queen Cassiopeia” on her throne – You have to use your imagination and kind of fill in the dots!!

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