I got so excited about completing the 31 days of watercolor in July, that I decided to give myself a new challenge for this month of August:  A month of watercolor faces/one every day.  I’ve been posting them on instagram, so if you’re interested you can check them out there under ruthkorch.  To be real honest with you, social media rather wears me out.  Facebook, Facebook Pages, Instagram, Blogs.  It seems like I could spend all my time just posting and never painting!!  I’m told there are ways to connect them all together and with one fell swoosh my post can appear everywhere.  But I’m not sure I want that either.  It sounds so… committed I guess.

Anyway, I just met this lovely lady this past week and she is a Beekeeper here in the Santa Cruz Mountains.  She even shared some of her golden honey with us. YUM!  I loved her kind eyes and smile.  And oh yes, her wrinkles.  In my mind, they’re in just the right places!!

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