We’re greeting 2016 with brand new views of the sky from our yard.  We have had a pesky “grove” of acacia trees, bordering our property and growing like gangbusters.  They are notorious for growing fast, possessing heavy dense wood and,  –  falling in wet soil.  With the coming winter rains we knew they had to go – especially since a big one was leaning ominously over the neighbor’s yard.  Now I’ll admit that I usually hate to see anything green getting cut down.  I’m a rotten pruner.  If there is any vestige of life left on something growing I hesitate.  But I LOVE  what has happened with all this clearing (seven trees in all!).  We have this beautiful new light coming into the yard.  And we have great big new patches of sky to enjoy.  Never one to miss an opportunity for reflection,  it’s made me consider all the pruning, cutting and clearing that God has done in my life over this past year.  He definitely took out some nasty “acacias” in my life – thoughts, suppositions and even lies that were blocking His light into my soul.   I’m so grateful to Him for the bigger picture, and fresh perspective He’s given me.  And I’m looking forward to even more “patches of beautiful new sky” in the coming year.

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