We brought home four lions a few weeks ago!

We found this beautiful old fountain at a salvage store that we’ve been haunting a lot recently.  You have to kind of be there when something comes in and it just so happens that we were.  I love that it has character stains and even an interesting crack (sealed).  We don’t know the provenance, but are glad that we are the new caretakers of these four.

It’s always kind of interesting to try and paint water – and moving water at that.  In this little piece, the way it works I think, is context.  And just for the record, because the fountain is light colored and water is – well, water is clear -the way this watercolor worked was when I added the background around it.  I started with light green, but it really started to work when I added the dark green.  I’m always amazed how a little dark value can make a scene come alive like nothing else.

You’ll have to stop by and hear the sound.  It’s lovely…

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