Whew – Did it!!  Thirty-One days of a watercolor a day!  I finished this last night and just now am posting – in case you’re splitting hairs.  ha ha  And even though they didn’t all get posted to my blog here, I think I got them all on my instagram account (Ruthkorch).   I really enjoyed the challenge, especially working with the prompts which encouraged me to paint subjects I normally wouldn’t have.  This last prompt was “Things with Wings”.  Even though this bird isn’t singing, I like to think of it as my “TA-DA” bird – Finished.

It’s also been interesting thinking about challenges and how they can call us to achieve what we otherwise wouldn’t.  I’ve grown this past month in ways that would have lied dormant and untouched.  Hmmmm.  Sooo, I’m thinking about giving myself another challenge this month.  A month of faces.  I love them and always have and am always wanting to improve.  I don’t know if I can do this, but I’d really really like to try and carry through with this.  SO – here goes…

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