We’re not usually free on Sunday mornings, and so we took the rare opportunity this morning to visit this charming french bakery in Carmel Valley, about 45 minutes south of our town.  Jean Bernard Viol and his family (only 2 years here from France) operate this establishment.  When you arrive, his son is kneading dough in the front window.  His daughter is assisting her father as he scoots his loaves in and out of the brick ovens, and his wife’s lovely french accent echoes in the background as she works the cash register.  And in case you’re wondering, Yes, I really did use enormous restraint, and let this delectable almond croissant just sit in front of me, while I painted it!!  If you wake up in the middle of the night tonight you might think of Jean and his son, getting up at 2:30 AM to go to work in their kitchen.  Or, better yet, if you’re down that way, treat yourself and visit Lafayette Bakery!

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