Yesterday I started back into the fall schedule with some of my young art students.  They were such an inspiration to me!!  We were studying Van Gogh’s sunflowers and I had bought a bright and beautiful bunch for them to paint and set it on the table.  I showed them how to make a few preliminary sketches so that they could figure out ahead of time the subject placement on their canvases.  They obliged, and settled on their layouts.  I showed them how to tone their canvases with a warm, golden tone.  They obliged again.  What I LOVED was what followed.  There was no timidity and no fear.  They could hardly wait to dip their brushes into their paints and start laying it on their canvases.  And they continued to be delighted with the results.  At one point, totally engrossed, 11 year old David commented “This is so fun because it’s so relaxing.”  Don’t you love it?  At the end the two paintings looked totally different with totally different color palettes, but my young painters were both equally delighted with the results.  Now if I had been on my game I would have taken a picture of their masterpieces and shared it here with you. Sorry!   Instead, they skipped merrily out the door with their almost dry canvases.  BUT, I felt so inspired by their joyous approach, that I used their leftover paint on this little 5 x 5 canvas, and painted my own interpretation.  I think I’ll dedicate it to David and Kristen and how they inspired me today.  (And yes, I too felt happy and relaxed while I was painting!!)

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