Painting The Garden (zinnias)
Thu, Sep 24
Online workshop (live)
Sep 24, 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM PDT
Online workshop (live)
If you love bright colors, then this is the class for you.
Painting The Garden (sunflowers)
Thu, Oct 22
Online workshop (live)
Oct 22, 4:00 PM PDT
Online workshop (live)
Celebrate the season!

Thanks to wonderful teacher and artist, Ruth Korch, I have learned the basics of watercolor painting in her online classes. I acquired skills in watercolor rendering of tiny figures, garden flowers, and a stunning white rose. She made it quick and easy, simple and fun to begin to master this challenging (to me) medium. The online camera setup gave me a bird’s eye, step by step view that in-person classes have never done.  This enabled me to better assimilate and understand the concepts and successfully apply them. Ruth is kind, generous, patient, and joyful. What a great teacher!

Patti Wlson



Watercolor painting is great fun! It’s also inexpensive and a very portable way to take your means of artistic expression with you wherever you may happen to be. In this six session course, I will be presenting the basic information you need to get a good foundation under your feet. I LOVE watercolor and will share with you my very best insights to get you started off right. Each session includes detailed instructions and downloadable materials for homework and practice. Whether you’re new to watercolor or you just want to revisit the foundational skills of this wonderful medium, This course is perfect for you.

COST: $90


"Painting white" in watercolor can be a fun challenge, because we let the white of the paper stand alone and we're actually NOT painting the white. We're only painting in the shadows and background to define and enhance the delicate white subject matter. I've been totally in love with white roses this spring and have so enjoyed painting the white rosebush we have in our courtyard. Join me as we dive into painting the subtle and soft shadows of the white rose. I'll be providing a rose template for all participants so that we can then paint this beautiful flower, step by step together. I'll be sharing recommended colors that I use in my palette and what brushes work best. All are welcome, but this workshop is perhaps best suited to those who have a little watercolor experience under their belts. This is a one-hour workshop where I will be demonstrating and narrating the process. So get your paints and brushes and come meet me "in the garden."

COST: $30


What do a French monk, a Caribbean island and a famous German botanist have in common??? Believe it or not, it's the ornamental plant we know as the Fuchsia. It was first discovered by Charles Plumier, a French monk, on the Caribbean island of Hispaniola, c1696. He named his beautiful newly discovered flower after the German botanist, Leonart Fuchs. And there is your history/botany lesson for the day! As a young girl, I loved imagining the flowers as tiny ballerinas, delicately hanging from their branches and dancing in the breeze. Join me as we paint these beauties in their vibrantly colored dresses and try to capture a bit of their ruffled charm. 

COST: $30


Flowers bring us such joy, don’t they? Ralph Waldo Emerson famously penned, “Earth laughs in flowers.” Do you find yourself wanting to paint them for that very reason?  This tutorial is one in a series of classes. I’ll be taking a different flower each session and demonstrating how best you can capture its essence in expressive colors and strokes. The goal is to let these flowers “breathe” on paper – not by super realism (use your camera for that), but by learning how to capture basic form with minimal strokes, lost edges, and bright fresh colors. I admit, it’s a challenge not to overwork or “over-describe,” but SUCH a fun challenge. The rewards are beautiful flowers with your own personal touch that stay forever. The star of this class is the HYDRANGEA. So bring your favorite paints and brushes to follow along with me. 

COST: $30


So you think you have no artistic ability? This fun 1-hour tutorial will change your mind and bring out that inner artist within you. The Lilliputs are funny little watercolor people who come in all different sizes and shapes. I'll be introducing three Lilliput characters that will give you a chance to get away, or "escape" if you will. One is heading off to the beach in her red bikini, one to France, and one to a mystery destination. Oh, and I'm also including some of our furry friends for good measure. The Lilliputs are always fun - something we all need in good healthy doses these days. The tutorial includes a list of materials and some downloadable PDF's with instructions and measurements to make sure that your Lilliputs turn out just how you want. 

COST: $30

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