My Perspective


I have always relished my role as a visual artist. My medium and style are always changing, and I find this keeps my expressions from becoming too formulated or predictable.

I love watercolor for the fresh and light-filled quality it offers. There is a spontaneity and serendipity effect I can only get with this medium.

Acrylics, on the other hand, are where I go when I’m searching for rich colors and expressive texture. With all the amazing variety and fast drying qualities that acrylics offer, I can more easily incorporate text onto my canvases.

With oils I have the luxury of finding and losing edges until I have it just the way I want it.

Finally, with ink I can express with one of my passions – calligraphy or “beautiful writing."

Truth, beauty and gratefulness are where I like to focus, hopefully leaving viewers more buoyant and hopeful on this journey we call life.   


Ruth is an accomplished artist and calligrapher whose artwork adorns homes and offices around the globe. She has a degree in fine art and over 30 years experience as a professional artist and art instructor, teaching from her home in Santa Cruz, California. She's an artistic soul whose artwork is recognized for weaving together her two passions - painting and beautiful script. She thrives in sharing her love for beauty and in helping artists of all abilities develop new skills and confidence.

The pandemic of 2020 provided a catalyst for Ruth to realize another dream - to reach more creatives. By launching Ruth Korch Art, an online teaching platform, she looks forward to growing a wonderful, supportive and collaborative art community - where there are no limits to how many artists can fit around her "virtual dining room table" - ...the sky's the limit! 

Ruth has three adult children, daughter-in-love, seven grandchildren and one dog ... Jaxon. She loves being inspired by the beauty around her, beach walks with her doodle, her garden, traveling, and hanging out with family and friends.




Jaxon Korch


Jax joined the creative team as a puppy, beating out eight other candidates for the job.
He's an expert in paper shredding, creative entertainment, broom tag, and exuberantly greets all visitors.