Pageant of the Masters

pageant of the masters romance watercolor Aug 07, 2016

This is an entry from the Pageant of the Masters.  I wanted to copy just a little of this famous painting because it was the signature piece and graced the cover on this year's pageant program.  At one point in the show, they told the whole story of bringing this painting to life.  On video, they showed the actors getting their initial call, then seeing them get into makeup and costumes, and finally climbing the stage stairs.  Then, the video stops and with the stage lights dimmed you see the actors actually enter the stage and get into position.  Several backdrops slide into place and when the lights come on, they are frozen and the painting is there before you in 3D! – absolutely amazing. Oh, and yes, it WAS a bit challenging to copy this painting.  Fun though too.  You always learn a lot when you copy the Masters.