Pierre Bonnard

legion of honor pierre bonnard san francisco watercolor Feb 22, 2016

Pierre Bonnard was a post-impressionist French painter, founder of the Nabis school of art, and currently featured artist at an exhibit at the Legion of Honor Museum in San Francisco. Perched up on one of the many hills in San Francisco, you can look out over Cypress trees and rolling golf greens to a panoramic view of the Golden Gate Bridge, the City landscape and the Bay.  It’s an absolutely amazing sight – especially on a clear brisk day such as we were treated to.

Bonnard was influenced by Japanese prints and so there is lovely patterning and designs in his work.  I found one landscape I particularly liked, but there was no bench.  Soo, I planted myself in front of it, pulled out my water brush and tiny watercolor palette and started in.  This countryside scene of the south of France drew me to it because of its jewel-like tones and patchwork effect.
I had no idea that I was being watched by the museum guard who was kindly trying to give me as much time as he could, before telling me that I really wasn’t supposed to be using watercolors there in the gallery.  Really?  Even teeny tiny ones??  The answer is apparently NO.  But, between you and me,  I think I’ll forget I heard that and maybe try and sneak another one in next time.  Shhhhh.