Letting Go


hand illustration let go release watercolor Apr 11, 2022

This isn’t a new piece, but it’s one I’ve titled “release” and it’s one that I often think about. Like probably many, if not most of you, I’m visual and it always helps me tremendously to be able to actually LOOK at something when I’m in processing mode. Currently I’m needing to process some pretty hefty things – things that refuse to get resolved and are just hanging out in my head. So I pulled this image out to have right in front of me. 

It rather speaks for itself don’t you think? I know it’s a common, shared life experience. We get in these places where we’re holding on very tightly to stuff because we want to solve or control. I’m noticing (again!) it just takes up so much needless energy to keep things clenched in my hand.

So I’m looking at this illustration and again choosing “release.”

(I Peter 5:7)