The Old Man of the Sea

pipe portrait surfer dude watercolor Aug 23, 2017

I love to take my dog, Jax for a walk almost every day along Westcliff Drive, a beautiful trail that winds along the cliffs of west Santa Cruz and looks down on the ocean, the surfers and all kinds of sea life.  It’s always different because of the sea, and we usually walk through about three different climate changes in the course of our 30 minute walk because of all the variables at play – fog, wind, sunshine.  And the people are always different as well.  Languages from all around the globe are commonplace.  You just never know what/who you’re going to encounter.  This past week it was fun to find this guy just hanging out, looking out at the ocean in quiet contemplation.  “You’ve got to be kidding,” I said to myself. “This is the perfect model – and here he is just hanging out - waiting to be found!”  I never got his name, but it’s fun to find a face that is such a quintessential coastal face.